Why Avoid Going to Court in a Divorce?

Though divorces are filed with the court, and technically are a lawsuit, they do not have to be litigated in front of a judge.  All divorces start with a petition process that is filed with the court, and all divorces end with a final decree.  That...

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Divorce: Public or Private?

Divorce can be difficult and, at times, messy.  Some of the details of the divorce can be very personal, but important for the court to consider when hearing a case.  There are times when confidentiality is needed to protect certain information, such as the...

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Why Should We Get a Prenup?

Some people think that getting a prenuptial agreement is saying, “We’re planning to get a divorce even before we get married.”  A prenuptial or premarital agreement does not mean that you are destined to get a divorce.  These are instead conversations every...

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Why Have a Child Centered Divorce?

One thing that people must consider during a divorce that involves children is the long-term impact of the divorce on the children.  The standard for family courts in Texas is to focus on doing what is in the children’s best interests, which should serve as the...

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Why I Believe in Collaborative Divorce

I have both personal and professional reasons to believe in a Collaborative Divorce. As the child of divorced parents in the late 1970's, I experienced the negative aspects of a traditional divorce personally. I was six when my parents divorced, and I remember hearing...

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Child Support Essentials

All Texas counties maintain a partnership with the Texas Attorney General (OAG) and the local county District Clerk’s Office to enforce the FULL payment of child support. Did you know that you face up to 6 months in jail for every 1 month you don’t pay support?...

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